How to promote Instagram, where to start?


How to promote Instagram, where to start?

In this article I will talk about how to develop your Instagram profile, increase its attractiveness and increase the number of subscribers, traffic, sales and profits, depending on what goal you are pursuing.

To promote your account, you need to take several steps, first, arrange it properly, draw up a content plan, then prepare the content itself and start posting. Then set up automation services that will help you increase the number of subscribers a little and save you from the routine. Subsequently, actively work on the quality of content, both text and photos, come up with new ideas, communicate with subscribers, hold sweepstakes and contests, and of course monitor new trends in the social network. Next, everything in order.

How to register an account correctly?

According to experts, the account owner only has 3 seconds to get a new visitor interested and encourage them to follow you. Therefore, it is so important to correctly design a profile, because this is what the user sees in the first place, having entered your page.

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Here are some basic rules on how to design a profile:

Login (profile name).

We select a word or phrase that conveys the essence of the page as accurately as possible, will be memorable and convenient to enter in Latin characters. If you have a page on another social network, you can take its name.

Avatar (profile picture). How to get your Instagram account right

The main object against a contrasting background is best suited, and not a composition of many objects, they simply will not be seen. It should also look harmonious in a round frame and be associated with the theme of the account.

Profile name (in bold)

Tell your subscribers «WHO ARE YOU» and if you work in the region, city «WHERE ARE YOU». This will help potential clients find you.

Profile description.

Tell us why the visitor should trust you. Describe your unique offer.


Indicate your mobile phone in federal format, e-mail, address, how it is most convenient to contact you.

Active link.

This is the only clickable link in your account. But do not rush to put it. Check how the site will be displayed on the phone and whether it will be supported by the mobile Internet. The site or landing page must be mobile responsive.


When filling out the description, use emoji (emoticons), they will help to separate the text and set the mood.

Seven steps, and you already stand out from the mass of faceless accounts on the Instagram network.

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